You're a high performing professional...

but your career is not working. It's not about getting new skills or stacking up certifications, you want to connect with the opportunities you know you deserve. It's not about paying the bills or getting by, you want to experience life at a much higher level. You are not enjoying the combination of lifestyle, income and the contribution in your  career; you are working in a dead end job, not growing, not learning, not feeling significant, not making enough money and you are sick of it because you are a high achiever and you know there's more. You KNOW you can do much better. And you are sick of not having the career you love RIGHT NOW.

But finding (or creating!) the most sought after opportunities isn't that easy.

We can help.

Most career or job search strategies do not work for you. HR managers, recruiters or other career mentors don't even understand you, because they don't know this domain. "Get more certs", "update your CV", "Get out there & network"... All that junk.
You might feel like you're in "motion", maybe. But are you taking decisive & intelligent ACTION? Are you productive? Most importantly, are you passively thinking about what could be better in your career or in your life, or are you creating the opportunities for your dream role in a pro-active way?

Cyber Transform: Career Mastery

We help our clients get unstuck from their soul sucking jobs and launch their dream CYBER SECURITY careers so they can get paid what they deserve and enjoy everything about it.

But what does that mean to you? You'll;

We've helped countless people to do exactly this and more.

Hi, I'm Emin Caliskan

In 2009, I started researching the best career opportunities in the cyber security domain so I can live anywhere in the world & create my financial freedom  by doing the things I love. Since then, I’ve:

… and more. Now I help other high-performing cybersecurity professionals so they can make more money, feel connected to their work and enjoy career satisfaction with exciting and meaningful roles so never have to worry about their future again!

Who We Help

  • Current Cyber Security Professionals who earn 60K+ USD or more in one of the cybersecurity specialty areas: cyber security analysts, engineers, consultants, specialists, generalists, managers, pentesters or similar.
  • IT and Technology professionals who have transferrable skills from a relevant IT domain, such as software development, System Administration or Network Engineering; and want to continue their careers in cybersecurity.
  • People with high-level interest or previous education on cybersecurity who want to launch their careers in this high-paying industry
  • But even more importantly, we only work with people who have high expectations from their careers and ready to take action (committed), who are willing to take our advice and follow the system (coachable), who have the time, energy and money to invest in their careers (resourceful), who are successful at what they do (high achievers) and who are willing to take responsibility for their success (responsible).

How We Help


When you're ready, click on the link to watch our free training revealing the exact process I've personally used and also tested on thousands of cyber security professionals to help them land the jobs they love & start a lifestyle they've always wanted.


Cybersecurity Business Developer
I’d never have never done this career upgrade without Emin and his team. Becoming a cyber security business developer was not easy, I tried so many tactics but none of them work. I am glad I came across with Emin as I was able to increase my salary by 40% in just a couple of months after the program. Great work!

Amol Joge

Senior Software Developer | Albany/New York
During the call, I received valuable feedback & advice. I really appreciate the way Emin tried to understand my background, current situation and aspirations in cybersecurity and then suggested me the next course of action, it helped me a lot for my future plans. Thanks again for your time, valuable feedback and encouraging words.

David Cukier

Senior Level Internal IT Audit Practitioner
Mentors at Cyber Transform are experts in giving top class advice and practical tuition to individuals who want transform their career in or to cyber security. They have considerable understanding and skill in identifying and solving obstacles to your personal career advancement and working with you to support you to overcome them.

Uthanda Raja Dasannadar

Senior Technical Lead
I’ve started my cybersecurity journey with no skills, but I was fully committed. It was a bit hard to prepare, but still, I never gave up. Finally, I landed my dream job in a security domain in the UK! Many thanks to Emin his team! My recommendation would be: always continue and never give up! Also, before quitting your dream, think about why you started this journey!
Upgrade your career by getting rid of financial limitations, soul-sucking projects, negative people, hypocrisy in the workplace, soulless tasks, feeling unimportant. Let’s get to your dream career & life, starting today.